Anemia ID

Understanding your hereditary anemia

Get information about how no-cost genetic counseling and testing can tell you more about your condition. This program will not bill your insurance.


For information about genetic counseling, call InformedDNA at 1-888-778-0427.

Are you a 23andMe® research participant in the Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency Study?

Get in touch with a genetic counselor to complete your study steps.


Get more answers about rare hereditary anemias

Agios is partnering with InformedDNA and Revvity Omics to provide no-cost genetic counseling and facilitate no-cost genetic testing. These services are available for people with suspected hereditary anemias, including people with pyruvate kinase (PK) deficiency and their family members.

Setting up a meeting with a genetic counselor can help you:

Become aware of opportunities for clinical trial enrollment that are only available when genetic information is confirmed
Understand genetic risks for the future and testing recommended for you and your family members
Learn more about the genetics behind your type of anemia and how it may progress over time
Review treatment and management guidelines for your specific type of anemia
Explore resources tailored to your anemia that can help support you, your caregiver, and family members

How genetic counseling works

InformedDNA genetic counselors are highly trained in hereditary anemias and are available for appointments over the phone. Genetic counselors will:

Give you personalized, one-on-one guidance and support while reviewing your health history and explaining the genetics of anemia

Order the appropriate genetic tests, if recommended, and have a saliva collection kit sent to your home

Explain what your test results mean for you and your family. Your results will be kept confidential but can be shared with your doctor if you choose

Set up next steps for managing your disease risks and provide follow-up care recommendations


Get in touch with a genetic counselor today

To be eligible for InformedDNA genetic counseling, you must reside in the US and either:

Have a suspected diagnosis of hereditary anemia or hemolytic anemia of unknown origin


Have a confirmed PK deficiency diagnosis, or have a family member who is diagnosed with PK deficiency


Anemia ID® Partners

Agios is a biopharmaceutical company that is fueled by connections. The Agios team is dedicated to developing therapies for genetically defined diseases, and is researching a potential treatment for some hereditary anemias.

InformedDNA is the largest independent provider of genetic counseling services, offering a nationwide staff of board-certified geneticists and genetic counselors. A pioneer in increasing access to genetics expertise, InformedDNA uses proprietary telephone and Internet service delivery systems, allowing patients the convenience of participating in genetic counseling sessions from the location of their choice. For more information, visit

Revvity Omics is dedicated to helping their partners make smarter decisions, earlier diagnoses, more effective treatments, and scientific breakthroughs. The team strategically works with partners to enable earlier and more accurate insights supported by deep market knowledge and technical expertise.

Anemia ID® is only available to residents of the United States. At no point does Agios receive any protected health information (PHI) as part of this program.

All testing provided to patients through Anemia ID is paid for by Agios Pharmaceuticals. While Agios provides financial support for this program, all tests and services are performed by Revvity Omics or InformedDNA. Agios receives contact information for healthcare professionals who submit tests under this program and limited de-identified aggregate data.

Anemia ID is sponsored by Agios in partnership with Revvity Omics. Other laboratories may also offer genetic testing.

All genetic counseling services provided to patients through Anemia ID are paid for by Agios Pharmaceuticals. While Agios provides financial support for this program, all genetic counseling services are performed by InformedDNA. Agios receives contact information for healthcare professionals who request genetic counseling for their patients under this program and limited de-identified data.